HOLGUIN - 2004

John Milnes travelled to Holguín on behalf of LSF and spent two days (26th & 27th May) repairing instruments and bows, and making contact with local musicians.

A temporary workshop was set up in the Escuela Vocacional de Arte “Raúl Gomez García”
with the help of its director, Juan García Pupo. 8 violins were repaired and nine bows rehaired/repaired. In addition, four sets of violin strings, one set of viola strings and one set of cello strings were left in the school store for distribution to the students. An assessment was made of the school stock of instruments. Five new violins are ready to be set up for students. 28 instruments (from ¼ - 4/4) are not in use, many for lack of bridges, strings and tailpieces.

Holguín is an important centre for musical education and has at least three teaching institutions. There is apparently no reliable local service for instruments and bows. If we set a local repair workshop it could serve the whole Oriente until further regional services are set up.

JM had discussions with the directors of the EVA and the Conservatorio. Both would support further involvement from LSF.

JM was assisted during the two days by Carlos Drummond, a local resident, who is a musician (mainly piano but some violin) who showed technical ability and would be interested in further training.

Details of contacts are as follows:

Escuela Vocacional de Arte “Raúl Gomez García”
nivel elemental : hasta 15 años
Director : Juan García Pupo
Profs. : Iván Gonzalez
Aiyán Gonzalez Sondón
Carmen Urbino

Conservatorio de Música “José María Ochoa”
nivel medio : desde 16 años
Director : Lic. Alfredo Aguilera Torres
Luz Caballero No 98 e/ Maceo y Libertad, Holguín 80100
tel/fax 427683 excmusica@baibrama.cuit.cu

Profesor de violín del consevatorio y asesor para las provincias orientales
Hector Luis Barrientos Ochoa
Dir particular : Máximo Gómez #5 Rpto el Llano, Holguín

Academia de Música
Directora: Carmen Villar Scudiere
Carayalde @224 e/ Libertad y Maceo, Holguín 80700

Potential Trainee in Violin Repair
Carlos Alberto Drummond Bennett
Carayalde #130 e/ Fomento y Progreso, Holguín 80700