LSF in Haiti, 2010 (1)
We were planning a mission in July this year. News is still difficult to get and not totally reliable but I do have good contact with the people in America who we liase with regarding Haiti. St Trinite Music School in Port au Prince has been destroyed, mercifully, with little loss of life. The other Music School s suffered varying amounts of damage.
As far as LSF goes. There will be a need to replace instruments. We will have a mission from the UK when it's appropriate. Exactly what instruments are needed will not be known for a while. Everything is disrupted and I daresay the needs will take a while to assess. There are a lot of organisations in the US, which will also be providing instruments. This would be logistically easier. There is a facebook page for people who want to support the Music Schools.
Visit here the Facebook page.
Once I know what they need I'll check back with you.  
LSF in Haiti summer, 2010 (2)
Thank you so much for thinking of Haiti in this time of great need. I will keep you posted once things being to move forward. Right now people are still very much focused on shelter, water and food. I think the Jacmel camp will go forward it would be wonderful to have luthiers there to teach and repair. Holy Trinity lost, probably, all but a very random few of the string instruments. I’ve heard reports that a cello made it out (I don’t know which one) and I imagine, though am not sure, that the nice Italian 18th century violin in Father David’s office is gone. Whether anything is salvageable is an open question at this point and will need to wait until people there have figured out the basics.  

We have started a number of facebook sites and web pages:

- Haiti music schools--Earthquake Info Sharing

- Friends of Holy Trinity (Ste Trinité), Haiti

- Haiti Music Schools

Best, Janet  
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